These are some photos that I’ve found from my own collection.

One of them was from a visit to Blackpool Zoo – they had a prehistoric section full of plastic dinosaurs and extinct animals which I thought might be good fun to use as my print; like the future had reversed or scientists had cloned a dinosaur (like Dolly the Sheep). This would link to environmental, historical & political issues which is the widest range I’ve used so far in my thought process.



However, after remembering that this project followed the same concept as the last one, I thought that I probably wouldn’t feel nostalgic about dinosaurs – they should probably stay extinct! So I moved on to other ideas.

Life in the fast lane

Life in the fast lane

I thought about using this to bring the idea of a fast paced lifestyle in the future which would focus on social culture of 2025 but I felt it was too similar to the example that Nelda displayed in the briefing session so I carried on searching..



Then I stumbled across this photo which I took at Westonbirt Arboretum, I thought of how plants and trees survive longer than most humans and how beautiful some of them can be which is again focused on environmental issues, but I also remembered that there were quite a few people that had used flowers as their first print and I didn’t want mine to be the same. So I need to continue my search and find an image to use.


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