Today I had my final workshop on my poster prints, so I was completing my second layers of my work and that would be this project complete. I set up my screen as usual and decided on the colour ink I wanted to use. I opted for a dark grey which actually came out nearer to black! But the contrast in colour was good and ended up looking okay. I suffered with the same issues as I did whilst completing my first layer of my print, the image began to fade so I had clean the screen. Not only this, I had issues with the alignment again but it was much worse as the acetate guide kept moving because it was creased so where I thought it was lined up, it actually wasn’t but I didn’t figure this out until the prints were already out of line. I eventually managed to overcome these issues by lining up my print using the image on my screen before I flooded it with ink. This saved my work in a way but after I had finished, I was really disappointed with my final posters. I think out of the 3, one of them was presentable. This is something that I have definitely learnt from and will do my best to avoid in future. All I can do now is focus on my second printing project and hope that it has a happier outcome.

These are the images of my final print session:

Flooding my screen with ink

Flooding my screen with ink

Print out of line

Print out of line

faded print (first layer)

faded print

The best poster of the 3

The best poster of the 3


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