Here are some images of rough design ideas for my repetitive pattern;

Confused Arrows

I tried out some odd patterns filled with shapes trying to imitate my mood of feeling nostalgic. These arrows were meant to represent the different paths that lead to my future.

A drowning world

A drowning world – This was focused on the environmental issues that are around today; Global Warming, Greenhouse Gases, Fossil Fuels, Pollution. I was thinking that the world could be overcome with these issues and by 2025 evolution had taken over.

Big Brother Bars

Big Brother Bars – I started thinking about what I had read during my research and how the worlds governments powers are ever increasing & talks of the ‘Big Brother’ effect. It reminded me of the recent phone hacking scandals and that someone is always listening..what if they were always watching. It would be like being in prison. But – This is a negative view of the social culture for the future and this project is about positive aspects of 2025.


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